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Body Butter – Turkish Delight 200g


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Intensely nourishing butter with an uplifting, subtle fragrance. The butter is very rich to provide lasting nourishment. All ingredients are selected to balance, heal and promote regeneration. Use sparingly on hands, body, feet or face for deep moisturising, protection, and to boost cell repair. Best applied after a warm bath or shower. Also useful for a therapeutic massage or as pampering bath oil.

Our superbly rich and luscious butter will delight all the senses with its deep blush of golden colour, enchanting fragrance of rose with a dash of geranium, and sleek, velvety texture on your skin. With organic rosehip, avocado and shea, along with local olive, mafura and Cape beeswax, this butter will indulge your skin magnificently.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil*, Shea Butter*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Mafufa Butter*, Plant Glycerin, Cape Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Cornstarch*, Rosehip Oil*, Essential Oils of Rose Geranium* and Rose (* Organic)

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