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Hand Sanitiser – 100ml


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Ingredients list:

Natural 96% pure neutral alcohol for human consumption, Table Mountain spring water, vegetable non-GM glycerin, Kalahari rock salt, Lavender essential oil (organic), Lemongrass essential oil (organic), Peppermint essential oil (organic) 

Hand sanitisers help limit water use, but often contain triclosan and other harsh chemicals. The Apothecary has come up with a simple, gentle and completely natural alternative that disinfects hands while still being kind to your skin and the environment. What’s more, this handy little wonder smells delicious and is completely safe around food.

Our updated formulation is compliant with the latest research and current WHO guidelines for the most effective concentration and type of alcohol for hand sanitisers. With a total alcohol content of 80% by volume, made up of pure natural ethanol, this formulation is particularly effective against viruses such as COVID-19, when used correctly.

Enhanced with organic essential oils with disinfectant, cleansing and healing properties, with pure Table Mountain spring water and non-GM vegetable glycerin to protect against dry skin.

NB: Correct usage:

  • Apply AT LEAST four sprays to palm
  • Rub hands together, covering all surfaces of both hands, until they are completely dry (at least 20 seconds)
  • Will not dry out skin
  • Comes in a handy-sized amber glass spray bottle
  • Deliciously bright, fresh scent

Tip: Can also be used as a germ busting air spray; or as an emergency surface sanitiser