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Brie – Superlatief 150g


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The Brie Superlatif™ is the largest wheel of Brie produced in South Africa (approximately 2.5 – 3kg, 35cm in diameter and 3cm high) in the classic French style. It does need ripening time. It is available in wedges of 145g. The wheel is soft and pillowy to the touch with a velvety white rind. The richly coloured cream pâte is almost scoopable when fully ripened and served at room temperature. The aroma is milky and slightly ‘fungal’, and the flavour buttery, earthy and ‘mushroomy’. This cheese makes a beautiful statement for a wedding, function or celebration with its visual impact. It will always be a limited edition cheese, part of Dalewood’s Signature cheese range.

Price per kg – approximately R 37 per 125g