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Rooibos & Buchu 50g


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Sunbird is the first to release a range of Single-Origin Rooibos tea. Sunbird Rooibos is still the only company in the world to offer organically grown Rooibos tea from single-origin sources. We have followed this success with a range of blended Rooibos using only natural ingredients.

All our Rooibos is organically grown by farmers who work with the land. Other ingredients are also organically sourced.

20 Compostable teabags

Buchu is native species to the Western Cape in South Africa. With a minty, blackcurrant flavour and high natural oils, when combined with our premium Rooibos tea, it elevates the natural aromas and accentuates their respective flavours.


Rooibos (96%), Buchu leaves (4%)